Lightsaber variants: (All rules subject to modification)

Exotic Weapon Proficiency: (Lightsaber)
Shoto (Short Lightsaber): 2d6, 19-20, Small
Dual Phase Lightsaber: 2d8, 19-20, Medium. Can be used to feint with a bonus once per foe.
Great Lightsaber: 2d8, 19-20, Large. 4m Reach, can attack adjacent opponents.
Heavy Lightsaber: 2d10, 19-20, Large.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Double-Bladed Lightsaber)
Double-bladed Lightsaber: 2d8/2d8, 19-20, Large, Double Weapon.
Small Double-bladed Lightsaber: 2d6/2d6, 19-20, Medium, Double Weapon.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Lightwhip)
Lightwhip: 2d6, 19-20, Small. 4m reach, +2 to disarm checks. Can be used to trip opponents. Can attack adjacent opponents.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber Pike)
Lightsaber Pike: 2d8/1d6, 19-20, Large. 4m Reach, Can be used as a double-weapon against adjacent foes. Can be set against a charge for x2 damage.

Note: Any of these weapon types may be selected when choosing a weapon for the Weapon Finesse feat.
*The rarity of this weapon requires a difficult crystal search. Consult the GM on this.



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