Deet roit

Deet-roit is one of the planet-cities that fill out Core regions. It was colonized a long time ago, but was quickly forgotten for the most part. Civilization was built up despite that, and although there was a regression of technology, the planet was a modern industrial world by the time it was re-discovered by the Galactic Republic.

The Galactic Republic brought with it an influx of people and know-how to the world. Soon a lucrative industry dominated the world: plasteel. The planet grew quickly with this industry, and soon it was the primary economy of the planet. Growth was quick, but it meant that the planet was a slave to the market, and throughout the years, the evidence of the ups and downs can be found on the planet itself. The world’s cities have gone through periods of growth as well as retreat, and many cities are built on top of cities that had once failed. The social aspects of the world are as stratified as the physical aspects. There is a large divide between the upper and lower classes, while the various under-cities and ghost-neighborhoods provide plenty of shelter to the lower classes and the criminal elements of the world.

The mixture of a single export, high crime and civil unrest, has stagnated the world in many ways. A thick cloud of smog hangs in the air above the world thanks to its industry. Tourism is practically unknown on the world. The necessity for a large amount of imports has also hurt many other areas of the economy. The government has only a tentative control over the world, which is mainly run by the plasteel barons. The private police forces of the corporations tend to outsize the civil departments, and focus more on protecting the industry than keeping the planet safe. With a lack of room in the budget, the civil police forces are highly limited.

The world is now under the control of the Galactic Empire, mainly because of its primary export. Since the plasteel export seems unrelated to the civil problems, the Empire has taken little direct interest in bringing order to the world.

Deet roit

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