Character Creation

(Subject to modification)
Build: 32 points.

Classes: Multi-classing (except Consular/Guardian), is allowed without revoking Jedi status, however 7 Jedi levels are required to be a Knight. Keep in mind that non-Force classes will not count towards Force or Jedi levels, and will restrict Force skills. Jedi Wanderer and Jedi Sentinel* Archetypes will be allowed. Note that a Jedi Wanderer will not be a Knight at 7th level, but is likely by this time without a master. Jedi Artisan* and Jedi Watchman* PrCs will be allowed. Non-Jedi Force Using PrCs will be allowed without removing your Jedi status with possible exceptions. Non-Force Using PrCs can be allowed, but will obviously reduce your ability to increase your Force skills and take Force feats. For those of you who really don’t want to be a Jedi, there may be some options, including Spirit Warrior. It is custom class that I built a while back. I haven’t fully tested it, but if somebody takes it up, could be cool.

Race: Most, check with GM.

Starting Level: 7th. Note that anyone without 7 ‘Jedi’ levels will not be considered a Knight, which will mean no Jedi Knight feat, and possibly still a borrowed weapon.

Starting Force Points: Will be determined by Lightsaber attunement rolls, backstory, and possibly some randomization.

Vitality: Vitality per level will be fixed and based on class hit die.
d6: 4/level
d8: 5/level
d10: 6/level
d12: 7/level

Design options: Design your own master (can just do a concept and let me do the build if you’d like). Those with enough craft skill will be able to personalize their weapon, as well as have the chance to craft non-standard lightsaber weapons. Lightsaber crystal searches are possible with GM’s supervision and approval. They require Knowledge (Jedi Lore) and See Force checks as well as time. It is not an easy task when searching for exceptional or rare crystals.

Darkside: No character will be darkside at game start. Falling to the darkside (gaining the dark template) will likely result in that character becoming an NPC.

Starting Credits: 2800

Starting Gear: Lightsaber or variant(crafted by the character, therefore +1 on attack rolls), utility belt, and Jedi Battle Armor(optional), Animal Mount(optional).

*Found within the Jedi Council Archive

Character Creation

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