Leon Murphy

Leon is a backwater farmer determined to be something greater in the galaxy


“My possibly-psychopathic, rebel-fraternizing squad leader?”—Gavin Ragdos describing Leon.


Leon’s father abandoned his family when he was 14 years-old. Leon dropped out of school to help his mother and seven brothers and sisters. He became a good shot trying to provided food for his family. For six years he provided for his family working any job he could. He then joined the military when a “recruiter” came to his home.

Arriving at the Imperial Academy on Cardia Leon quickly adapted to the new environment. He was skilled with weapons becoming proficient with whatever they tried to train him on. He also picked up skills with demolitions, military tactics, piloting, and first aid. He also quickly learned how to speak basic properly.


  • Obsidian Star
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Stormtrooper Corps Expeditionary Medal
  • Cadet Service Ribbon


The Beginnings
Day of Days, a Standoff Against Fate
An Unjust Reward
Off the Books
Friends and Foes
The Decision
A Crumbling Doctrine?
I am a Zombie

Letters and Correspondence

Leon and Joanna’s Correspondence