The Decision

Leon's Journal

Today I was presented with the choice. Allister gave me three options. Choose Joanna—the mission—and let Nahja die, choose Nahja letting Joanna die, or join forces with him to save them both. It was a rough decision.

Allister wants to better the Empire by killing off those who are corrupt with power. It sounds like a great ideal. But is it really our place to decide who is to live and die? I do not find it hard to kill. It is the life of a soldier to kill and I am a soldier. A soldier however is not meant to question orders. Siding with him is akin to betraying the Empire itself.

Not only do I feel its betraying the Empire, but I want to kill that bastard no matter what. He betrayed his unit and Emperor. Now he wants to go and kill high ranking Imperial officials? How is that serving the good of the Empire? Won’t it just leave a power vacuum to be filled by whoever can marshall the greatest support?

I am a soldier. My mission is to rescue Joanna. I must accomplish that…but…I can’t seem to let go of Nahja… Can I really sacrifice her to protect my honor and loyalty to the Empire? Would I truly have any honor left if I allowed her to die knowing I could save her? It’s just sacrficing the lives of the corrupt? Surly…No…It’s still disloyalty…

I sold myself to the devil. I accepted Allister’s terms. The moment I see the opportunity…I will kill him. I will make him suffer. Allister must die for there to be peace in the Empire. I will kill him, but for now. I will save the woman I love, uphold my promise, and complete my mission objective.



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