Medals and Commendations

This is a list of medals that can be earned by the players and the squad. It is in order of importance, and has a short description of the criteria. There are exp awards for obtaining medals, but it is not listed here, and it is not necessarily scaled according to the importance of the medals.

Medal of Loyalty:
For unwavering loyalty to the Emperor in the most dire or threatening of circumstances.

Distinguished Service Medal:
For repeated commendable action while in the service of the Emperor.

Obsidian Star:
For high levels of courage and highly successful combat actions against enemies of the Empire.

Iron Star:
For brave actions in battle in the name of the Emperor.

Stormtrooper Corps Achievement Medal:
For Members of the Corps that strive and achieve great things for the Empire.

Combat Action Ribbon:
For facing the enemies of the Empire on the field of battle.

Distinguished Unit Citation:
For a combat unit which repeatedly shows competency under fire and displays the best qualities of the Imperial espirit de corps.

Stormtrooper Corps Conduct Medal:
For loyal and lasting service to the Emperor.

Stormtrooper Corps Expeditionary Medal:
For being deployed on a hostile world to combat the enemies of the Empire.

Campaign Medal(Various):
For participation in a military campaign carried out for the Empire.

Cadet Service Ribbon:
Special commendation created after a surprise attack on the Imperial Academy at Carida. Rewards initiative and loyalty under fire among cadets.

Medals and Commendations

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