Session 6


The party of troopers fought their way through yet another ambush. A running battle through the woods leads them past the bodies of fallen rebels, foes who seems to have joined them in this strange world. The party locates a building near the river as night is falling and hold up there. A storm passes through the night, enhancing the eerie feeling of this world, and masking the approach of danger. The morning finds the party surrounded by a massive horde of the “zombies.”

Session 5

Wheel of Misfortune

Arrival in a strange land. The party arrives amidst the rubble of some seemingly missing civilization. The technology seems to be quite primitive. A large structure looms in the distance, while a tall yellow round structure is nearby. After scouting from above, the party decides to move towards a river. But not before alerting a horde of strange humanoids. They are quickly dispatched, and the party moved on. Ambushes are frequent on the way.

Session 7

The Chernobyl Experiment

As the horde encircled the party, they take refuge on the roof of the building. The creatures pile on top of one another, and clamber up the walls and an access ladder, and soon the party is trapped in desperate battle on the roof. They make a run for it, but get separated in the mass of flailing foes. Keon, surrounded by foes let’s out a cry and charges headlong in to them, with a ferocity hitherto unseen in him. As he bashed his way through them, they retreated. Were they afraid? Was there something else afoot, or afoul? Another group, farther away that had given chase to Matthew followed him in to the river, and were not seen again. Keon, with a large horde deliberately, but slowly, following him made it to the river banks. Then the horde suddenly lunged at him. The rest of the party regrouped, fought off that group, then made way for a dam on the river. Some of the horde that had retreated gave chase, hundreds of them. The dam looked to be a final stand, but the skies opened up, and a strange portal, like the one that brought the party to this world, formed. The party disappeared from the world through the portal, while the creatures watched from a distance. The party was soon back on the asteroid, and made contact with an Imperial unit sent to find them. They would finally be returning to the Academy. The Omega mission was over.


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