Session 10

A Different Point of View

Second Squad is deployed to the planet of Ralltiir to assist in operations that would weed out Rebel Sympathizers in the area. More directly related, the squad was sent to assist in the capture of some scientists, and established a perimeter around a building in the financial distract. Storm Commandos entered, but did not return. A street battle, brought on by the approach of rebels soon began. During the course of the battle, a group broke out of the building assigned to second squad. Among them, were several people that were familiar, as well as the scientists. A fierce battle, which ended in a retreat of both sides took place. The scientists would have escaped, however their shuttle pilot defected to the Empire. Imperial forces retreated to the Devastator, which then proceeded to bombard the area, likely eliminating any remaining rebel resistance.

Personal Journal 1

User: Allen Devol, Spc.

The Darktrooper project lacks customization. I cannot directly modify the droid but what if I were to develop temporary additions? I’m looking into building an attachable exoskeleton to Betsy. It would sense her movements and add strength to whatever she does. Since it does not get information directly from the droid brain and is easily removable, it should be a legal move. After all, they didn’t order me to not help it.

I never had any real combat training. Seeing that I’ll probably be stuck doing field testing for a long time, perhaps I’ll ask Sergeant Armstrong and the rest of the squad for some tips.

Darktrooper Report 2

Darktrooper Report 002

Allen Devol

Location: Cambrielle, Ralltir

Darktrooper Prototype 001 (DTP001) attached to 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon, F Company, 6th Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 131st Legion. RMD-20 surveillance droid used to record holovideo.

Assignment: Surround suspected rebel hideout for clearing by Spec. Ops.

Minor bugs in testing of voice module (see Holovid001). Following entry of Spec. Ops. Rebel forces evacuated the building with non-combatants in tow. DTP001 confirmed non-combative status successfully. AI failed to discern acceptable objectives. Objective (block alleyway) had to be manually entered. DTP001 brought down by blaster fire after a short battle (see Holovid002).

Recommendation: Increase armor; improve strategic algorithms.

Request: Development of modular design to easily field replace damaged limbs and customize Darktrooper for different mission parameters. Benefits and procedure for modification are summarized in Addendum1

Darktrooper Report 1

Darktrooper Report 001

Allen Devol

Location: Sriluur

Following a distress call from 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon, F Company, 6th Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 131st Legion, Darktrooper prototype 001 (DTP001) entered its first field test. Combatants were 5+ severely wounded stormtroppers against overwhelming numbers of natives armed with vibroaxes and slugthrower rifles.

DTP001 lacked the combative programming for crowd control leading to quick encirclement. Targeting algorithms could be improved as well. Following moderate structural damage, irregularities in the programming were revealed. Problems found included reckless attacks and decreased motor function.

Recommendation: Modify programming to improve combat against multiple opponents; improve protection of droid AI

Request: N/A

Leon's Correspondence

I was surprised by your appearance on “Coruscant”. And even more so by the situation. I am not sure how to think about this new predicament. I do know that I feel betrayed to an extent, which is something that seems to be happening to me a lot as of late. At the same time though… I’m really not sure what I feel. I want to be angry and feel no remorse next time we meet, but for some reason I can’t. I was able to generate that feeling the last time, but not now. Perhaps it resides in the fact that neither of us had to take hostile action against the other, though, I’m sure you would have not knowing my identity. Fry my hide this is not what I wanted to happen…

Session 9


2nd squad, as well as remnants of 2nd platoon continue to fall under attack at the oasis. The mysterious female voice asks the party to surrender, and when they refuse, they are attacked by a foe that seems to be able to disappear from plain sight. Armies approach, and the surrender demand remains, when one more surprise occurs. Private Allister, suddenly refuses to take orders and attacks Sergeant Armstrong. As if on cue the invisible attacker joins in. In the midst of the chaos a strange looking woman appears, as if she entered the world through a door, and then disappeared, along with Allister. A new person arrives, an army technician, with a strange combat droid, ready to aid the party. A fierce battle ensues when the armies arrive, but through luck, determination, and skill the party holds off all waves. What is the fate of Keon Allister, and what will it mean for the party?

Day of Days, a Standoff Against Fate
Leon's Journal

I was assigned to the Star Destroyer Devastator and then to a desert world known as Sriluur. The planet has for sometime been in a civil war, and the Empire has now moved in to take control of the planet and end the civil war. The government of the world did not resist the intervention of the Empire, but from what I have bee told, some citizens are against the Imperial influence. Why someone would be against an end to years of civil war on their world is beyond me.

My squad was being held in reserve and not much was happening. Arriving at the distress call our transport was blown up. Luckily my self and the rest of the squad was able get out without any major injuries. It had been an ambush. The rebel citizens were quickly dealt with and we were able to secure several troopers that remained.

It was at this point that we could not have foreseen what was to happen. Private Allister lost his mind and attacked Sergeant Armstrong. I attempted to render him unconscious, but it was to no avail. He was whisked away quickly by some woman with scars on her body. I had no idea what was going on and I had too many other things to worry about too. I mean there was two armies moving on our position in a pincer maneuver. When I do find him, it will not be pretty. I have no remorse for those who betray.

Armstrong had already called in for reinforcements having managed to get the radio operational. With all the damaged shit around, I kinda wished Rossq was still around. An Imperial Army unit, some kind of special operations unit, was the first to arrive on seen. When Armstrong told me a spec ops unit was on its way, I never would have expected it to be a damn mechanic (forever doomed to be called “Army”) and a droid. Either way I couldn’t complain. We needed as much as we could to hold down our position. We had 4 troopers unable to move and the rest of us were starting to get exhausted from the constant fighting and desert heat.

The first army to engage us was the western army. Luckily for us they did not split into to forces and come at us from the north of the oasis and the south of the oasis. They would have easily surrounded and overwhelmed us. We engaged that force and sent them running with their tails between their legs. The northeastern army was a different animal.

No matter how many of them we killed they just kept coming. We ended up killing every last rebel from that assault force. It was a blood bath. Private Nutoone was severely wounded during the engagement with the first army. Being the badasses we are, we were able to hold our position. By the end of that assault I was severely wounded, Sarge was down, and I think every man in the unit had been hit.

For a brief second we thought we were safe and could wait easily for reinforcements and medivac. I was wrong. A third kamikaze army came charging at us from the south. Low on anti-personnel weapons we held off until they were right on top of us. We could see the whites of their eyes as we set off our last two thermal detonators and grenades. That last charge by the enemy left us in critical condition. Feldspar and Nutonne suffered critical injuries and I could barely stand. We are Stormtroopers, the elite of the elite. I truly understand the meaning of that now. And I will strive to ascertain that title for myself and my unit.

The Beginnings
Leon's Journal

What follows are my personal thoughts and opinions, that are not the privy of others aside from myself and should in no way reflect poorly on my service to the Emperor. I am a loyal soldier and stormtrooper.

As a preface to this in the event that someone else reads this in the event of my death with a little history about myself.

I left my homeworld, Brintooin, to serve in the Stormtrooper Corps. On the surface I joined the military for my family, but it was also for myself so that I did not have to be doomed to a life on that rock bonded by my responsibility to family. By becoming a loyal servant of the Empire, I was able to escape that dull drape of living that we called life on Brintooin.

Since arriving at the academy of Carida, I learned a different lifestyle. I learned things that would make me a very powerful person on my homeworld, in wealth and status. I also made and lost friends and comrades. It is hard to imagine that there would be an attack on the most prestigious military academy in the Empire, and to lose cadets in its defense can really destroy moral. I suppose that it can also build stronger and more battle hardened soldiers to the the Emperor. That is the effect it had on me. I lost two friends that day, the girl I was chasing after, and my romantic rival that she cared deeply for and wanted me to meet. Looking back I can also tell that she wanted us to be friends. Truthfully, I did like the guy. He reminded me of myself—only that he was a TIE pilot and I a grunt. I don’t think I would have minded losing Joanna to him.

Graduation came and I was awarded a commendation, by Lord Vader, for my actions on the day of the attack. The day I left a friend and comrade to die, in order to get Joanna out of the collapsing hanger. I still to this day don’t understand how I was not killed by that proton torpedo. I almost don’t feel that I earned that commendation. Then with my orders arriving I find out that I am being made a Lance Corporal, and assigned as assistant squad leader to my unit on the star destroyer Devastator.

Now, that my past and near present has been given, I will take up my life in the moment. I decided that before reporting for duty on the Devastator that I would take my two weeks leave and visit the planet Coruscant. I think it is a good place for someone like myself who has never seen a real city to experience the largest city in the galaxy, that I know of anyway. It’s also the perfect time to be alone and reflect on my loss of Joanna, and what I could have done differently. I couldn’t let that get to me while I was at the academy. I had to be the best. I promised her that I would be.

I hadn’t been on the planet long before I was approached by an enchanting woman. She was like nothing I had ever seen before. Her skin was a marvelous shade of red and her light purple hair moved as if it had a life of its own. I still can’t get over the fact that she came on to me so quickly. I’ve never had something like that happen to me before. I was completely wrapped up in the moment. I’m glad I was too. We talked for a moment about what was on my mind, and I came to the conclusion that there was nothing I could do about Joanna. If she still wanted to be friends she would contact me in her own time, and until then I would have to keep my promise to Kyle. Not too mention I couldn’t resist myself with Nahja. I think I want this to be more than what people call “a one night stand”. I’ve asked her if she would like to join me as I tour around the city. She said yes.

Leon and Joanna's Correspondence
Leon's Correspondence


Ah finally foun’ some free time on account o’ arrivin’ hyar at th’ academah t’write yo’. Mah comman’ers hyar doesn’t pow’ful like th’ way ah talk an’ ah’s cornstantly hittin’ th’ groun’, runnin’ laps, o’ some other fo’m of dicipline t’co’reck mah spetch. ah find it odd thet varmints pow’ful care about how ah talk. Shet mah mouth! ah guess thin’s is diffrunt outside of farmin’ communities. ah better be gittin’ back t’readin’ mo’e on tackics. ah will write t’yo’ agin when ah find a moment.


Cdt. Murphy

It was quite an exciting trip wasn’t it? We were all pretty lucky, but sorry I had to be the wounded drag along, and thanks to you and the other troopers for certain. As far as speech, well…. I definitely remember some rigid requirements in my comms classes, so i’m certain the Corps gets the same treatment. Everyone has to understand you, after all. Scuttlebutt says that things are heating up in the Galaxy, life after the academy might be pretty interesting, but you and your squad-mates be careful. Speaking of, do you see any of the other people who were on the shuttle regularly? If you do, be sure to pass on a thank you to them.

–Cdt. J. Keyes

Cdt. Keyes,

Yes, ah do see ev’ryone fum th’ shettle crash. We all inded up bein’ th’ th’ same squad, even thet lone trooper we came across. I will pass on your thanks. ah’s not pow’ful sho’nuff whut life has t’hold af’er th’ academy, especially on account o’ th’ galaxy is so large. Ah do knows howevah thet th’ academah is an interestin’ place, an’ I will be the best of the troopers here. Speakin’ of which ah have foun’ a rival, among mah sister squad, cuss it all t’ tarnation, Cadet Cliff Hanger. He’s always just ahead of me. How is flight school going?

Cdt Leon

Cdt. Murphy,

An interesting twist of fate, don’t you think? Well, I hear Cmdr. Cyrus makes some very unique command decisions, so you never know. Cliff Hanger… that’s quite the name. I don’t follow too much information on cadets around here, too busy living in my cave, going over all kinds of systems and sub-systems. I was really hoping to make it in to a fighter squadron, but It looks like it won’t happen soon. I am Well, I don’t know too much about fighters and heavies. As a trooper, I’ll see the inside of more than my fair share of shuttles and transports. I reckon each different ship has its strong points. I would say that fighters have speed but probabldoing qualification trials on a Delta-class shuttle next week though, so for a while that may be as close to a TIE as I get. Well, I’m sure you can outscore that Hanger guy if you put your mind to it. Well, back to studying for me, see you around perhaps.

-Cdt. J. Keyes

Cadet Keyes

I’s so’ry t’hear thet you didn’t get a TIE slot. You will ace them D-class shettle qualificashuns. Remember we had one rough lan’in’ here at Carida an’ survived thanks t’you. On overall, I guess I’s doin’ fine here in th’ Co’ps trainin’. They really don’t tell us how fine we is doin’. This here mo’nin’ was heavy weapons trainin’. I always does love th’ CATAM range. Th’ af’ernoon resulted in heavy physical trainin’ then sharpshootin’ practice.

I’ve been reckonin’…We is both cadets. We sh’d drop this here fo’mality of addressin’ etch other as cadet. I’s not pow’ful certain how it works out here in th’ galaxy but back home friends called etch other by their fust name. Especially in writ’n letters. With thet in mind, I will sign this here by my fust name only.



Yeah, that certainly was a rough landing, but if there is a next time, I think I can do better. Yeah the Deltas are pretty easy. Smooth flyers, but a little slow for me. You get to train on field weapons, and I’ve been training on the starship weapons, so I guess I get to play with the bigger guns, but of course it isn’t the same. We do get to go on the range with pistols from time to time though, as well as the navy carbine, but, that’s very rare. I suppose there is no harm in dropping formalities, at least in messages. You can call me Joanna, though, sometimes it feels a bit drawn out. Well my little brother calls me JoJo, but I don’t really think that would be such a good idea, so, I don’t know, I guess Joanna will have to do. Keep up the hard work then.



I’m quite jealous that you get t’use mo’ trimenjus guns thWell, I don’t know too much about fighters and heavies. As a trooper, I’ll see the inside of more than my fair share of shuttles and transports. I reckon each different ship has its strong points. I would say that fighters have speed but probablan I. We have never trained been trained yet on th’ navy carbine. An’ we probably never will, reckonin’ about it. I suppose you could consider Joana t’be a li’l drawn out. My brothers an’ sisters doesn’t pow’ful have a nickname for me. Not pow’ful sure what you’d redooce my name to. Lee? Anyhow, if you wanted with sumthin different, you could possibly use Jo o’ Anna. I’m sure there is others too. An’ yes, I do agree that JoJo would not be such a great idea. If all things hoof it fine, I will have a weekend pass here soon. We should try an’ meet, especially if your free yourself. Maybe the cafe be a nice place.



Jo or Anna huh? I might have to think about it. I do have some time coming up. The cafe sounds nice, I don’t have much else going on out here. I would like to bring a friend however, if that would be all right. He’s another academy pilot, and he’s pretty good. He is a fairly nice guy, like you, so I imagine you two might get along well enough, he doesn’t have as much as the flyboy edge as some of the guys out here. Well, just let me know what time you have in mind. Like I said, I should have the time available.


((Leon and Joanna, meet at the cafe, but the academy is attacked on the same day. What follows is the last letter Leon writes to Joanna just before graduation from the academy.))


I’m not sure whether you have been reading anything I have sent you. This will be my last letter, so I am going to put it all out there.

I know you are hurting and that you feel betrayed. Not just by me, but by Kyle too. Nothing I can say or write can take away the pain you are feeling. I am truly sorry I caused you pain. You must understand that I lied to protect you. So, that you could go into battle with a calm cool head and survive. I would venture that Kyle would agree. I could tell he cared for you very much. He wanted you to live and fly for both of you. If I had tried to save him before blowing an exit for the TIE we would all be dead now. And I did try to save him. I still don’t know how that proton torpedo did not kill me sometimes I wish it had.

Graduation is upon us. I hope that the next time I see you it will be on friendly terms. I know it can never be as it was, but I would at least like to still be friends. I will keep my promise.


Session 8


The party finds itself assigned to the world of Sriluur, a planet that has been stricken by civil war for ages. It is now coming under Imperial Control, and although the planetary government did not stop the Imperial efforts, it is believed that citizens may have other plans. The party is held in reserve until a platoon calls for help, at which point they race in to battle. They find themselves ambushed, their vehicles destroyed, but they fight their way to what is left of the beleaguered platoon. Over the horizon, an army approaches while the dust of battle has yet to settle…


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