Session 16

The First Clue

The Troopers meet up with Burt Gummer at the Rowdy Ronto. Burt relates that he has only one, mysterious droid informant: N1-MF. The model name doesn’t seem to match any known droid, but the recording is that of a droid’s voice. The informant said that the prisoner was being held in a rebel base on Dantooine. The rest of the evening was spent enjoying the scenary. Matthew especially enjoyed watching the dancer Charolette, dropping a few credits for her benefit. The others had to remove Matthew from the Ronto before he spent too much. The next day the Troopers were off to their objective, Dantooine.

Session 15

The Admiral’s Daughter

The Admiral’s arrival heralds a new task for the Troopers. It also sheds some light on why their assignment failed to meet their expectations. The Rear Admiral requests the unofficial assistance of the Troopers in rescuing his daughter, Joanna Keyes, a shuttle pilot whom the Troopers encountered back on Carida. With the Admiral was a young officer, Figg, who turned out to be the brother of Giff, the medic of the Troopers. He did not seem to think highly of anything around him, nor his own brother. For what reason is he in the Admiral’s staff? Another enigma is the Admiral’s choice of a civilian to assist in the operation. Burt Gummer, the local weapons shop owner, became the Troopers’ contact, and despite early misunderstandings is going to be meeting with them soon to discuss the mission in question.

Session 14

Welcome to Ro’Ton!

The Troopers were assigned to the world of Mon Gazza, to man the Imperial Garrison located in the town of Ro’Ton. The assignment comes as a shock to most, considering the great deeds achieved in their previous battles. The town is certainly backwater, made up mostly of small single unit homes with very little city development. The planet’s main source of income, pod racing, was outlawed by the Empire and since then the planet’s communities have fallen on hard times. The Troopers bid farewell to an academy friend, Cliff Hanger, who was relieved of his garrison duty by their arrival. Realizing the backwater nature of the post, several of the Troopers went about acquiring supplies for the upkeep of the garrison and the repair of the garrison’s droid, M-2PO. Within very little time a communique arrives announcing the arrival of one Rear Admiral Joseph Keyes in system. What could the Admiral want so soon after arriving at the post?

Session 13

Dance with Death

The two parties decide to work together against a common foe.. Lady Death. The Troopers also found an ally in the droid MNK-01, now named “Monk.” Monk was reactivated in the service of the Troopers. The droid seemed to have a significant amount of knowledge about Jedi, Sith, and the forces that were in control of the facility. Everyone fought their way through the facility until Lady Death was encountered. A trap was sprung, and through the efforts and distractions of everyone, and the surprising aid offered by the prisoner Yari, Lady Death and her cohort were killed. The prisoner died in the engagement, the death of who may have been the last of the Jedi… The Troopers and the mercenary group left the world and once again parted ways under an uneasy truce.

Darktrooper Report 3

Darktrooper Report 003

Allen Devol

Location: Giju

Darktrooper Prototype 001 (DTP001) attached to 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon, F Company, 6th Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 131st Legion. RMD-20 surveillance droid used to record holovideo.

Assignment: Capture fugitive; pacify local village.

Partial success in the implementation of the new social algorithms. Problems include general awkwardness in transitioning between intimidation and friendly negotiation. Also programming erroneously equipped a tophat, a type of archaic headwear, and used it when executing a polite greeting subroutine.

DTP001 was destroyed in the battle with the fugitive. The fugitive identified as Yari fought with a primitive spear in combination with an unknown energy-based melee beam weapon. This beam weapon was able to cleave through the Durasteel armor and weapons equipped on DTP001 with minimal effort incapacitating the unit. Directly afterwards, LCpl. Gavin Ragdos utilized a thermal detonator in an effort to destroy the fugitive with full knowledge that DTP001 was within the blast radius. The droid body was melted beyond recognition but the droid brain was still salvagable.

For further information, see attached series of holovideos

Session 12


The party, once again in the world on the other side of the portal, manages to find someone who understands Basic…or English as the natives called it. The welcome on this trip was not nearly as hostile as the last trip through a portal, but that would not make the trip safe as a whole. It was not long before a familiar, albeit altered, acquaintance arrived: RJ. RJ disclosed that he had survived the zombies, through the exercise of some power, but did not elaborate on details. He also indicated that he was known as Creed now, though no reason for this was given either. He said he could get the party taken care of among the natives, as long as they would cooperate some. He was also interested in watching over the Jedi prisoner the party had. The prisoner in question, was left in his care, until morning when she was reclaimed by Leon Murphy, not without signs of some sort of torture. The next morning, as agreed upon, the party was guarding a post when war seemingly erupted out of the hazy, rain-filled morning. After the fierce battle, the party made its way off the beach, away from battle, and right in to a newly formed portal. This portal was seemingly created however by the group of ‘rebels’ which had been on Ralltiir. Where are they now? What is going on, and how will the groups react to each other?

Session 11

Aggressive Negotiations

The squad is sent to the planet of Giju, to quell what appears to be rebel unrest and uncover various plots perpetrated by the natives. The party is also informed that the natives are hiding a fugitive. The natives did not appear to be armed, but they also did not appear to be helpful enough. Despite violence, the natives do not change their stance, and the squad decides to search a nearby hillside where they discovered a cave. While investigating the cave, a woman appeared. The squad moved to apprehend, and found itself in a most difficult battle, for the woman was a Jedi. She was finally subdued, when suddenly a portal, like the one from the Omega mission, opened up, and the squad found themselves once again in a strange world…

Session 10

A Different Point of View

Second Squad is deployed to the planet of Ralltiir to assist in operations that would weed out Rebel Sympathizers in the area. More directly related, the squad was sent to assist in the capture of some scientists, and established a perimeter around a building in the financial distract. Storm Commandos entered, but did not return. A street battle, brought on by the approach of rebels soon began. During the course of the battle, a group broke out of the building assigned to second squad. Among them, were several people that were familiar, as well as the scientists. A fierce battle, which ended in a retreat of both sides took place. The scientists would have escaped, however their shuttle pilot defected to the Empire. Imperial forces retreated to the Devastator, which then proceeded to bombard the area, likely eliminating any remaining rebel resistance.

Personal Journal 1

User: Allen Devol, Spc.

The Darktrooper project lacks customization. I cannot directly modify the droid but what if I were to develop temporary additions? I’m looking into building an attachable exoskeleton to Betsy. It would sense her movements and add strength to whatever she does. Since it does not get information directly from the droid brain and is easily removable, it should be a legal move. After all, they didn’t order me to not help it.

I never had any real combat training. Seeing that I’ll probably be stuck doing field testing for a long time, perhaps I’ll ask Sergeant Armstrong and the rest of the squad for some tips.

Darktrooper Report 2

Darktrooper Report 002

Allen Devol

Location: Cambrielle, Ralltir

Darktrooper Prototype 001 (DTP001) attached to 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon, F Company, 6th Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 131st Legion. RMD-20 surveillance droid used to record holovideo.

Assignment: Surround suspected rebel hideout for clearing by Spec. Ops.

Minor bugs in testing of voice module (see Holovid001). Following entry of Spec. Ops. Rebel forces evacuated the building with non-combatants in tow. DTP001 confirmed non-combative status successfully. AI failed to discern acceptable objectives. Objective (block alleyway) had to be manually entered. DTP001 brought down by blaster fire after a short battle (see Holovid002).

Recommendation: Increase armor; improve strategic algorithms.

Request: Development of modular design to easily field replace damaged limbs and customize Darktrooper for different mission parameters. Benefits and procedure for modification are summarized in Addendum1


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