RC-8301 "Razor"

An old clone commando, now a storm commando officer.


He looks like every other Jango clone trooper ever made. One thing of note, however, is despite not being very old (no worry of hitting middle age anytime soon) his appearance in his face is of a man far more advanced in years. He keeps his body in top physical state yet he is old for a clone that were born with accelerated aging.


Race: Human, Level: 8, Class: Scout 3/Soldier 4/Infiltrator 1
Abilities: Str 14,Dex 16,Con 14,Int 12,Wis 10,Cha 8
Vitality: 67, Wounds: 14, Defense: 19, Armor check: -1, DR: 4
Speed: 10m/8m(armor), BAB: 6/1, Reputation: 1, Initiative:3
Force Points:7, Fort:11, Ref:8, Will:4, Melee:8/3, Ranged:9/4(10/5 point blank)
Skills: balance9, climb7, craft[DC-17m]5, Demolitions10, disable device3, hide19(armor),
knowledge[tactics]7, Listen4, Move silently19(armor), Repair12(13 hotwire), Spot8(darkvision)
Speak language[Kaminoan], Speak language[Basic]
Feats:Armor proficiency(light), Armor prof(medium), Armor prof(powered), Great fortitude,
Heroic surge, Point Blank Shot, Rapid reload, stealthy, Armor familiarity,
weapon group(simple,rifles,pistols,heavy,vibro)
Class abilities: Heart +1, Hotwire, Covert movement

RC-8301 "Razor"

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