Gavin Ragdos

My reach is global, my tower secure. My cause is noble, my power is pure.


Str: 8 ( -1 )

Dex: 20 ( +5 )

Con: 10 ( +0 )

Int: 13 ( +1 )

Wis: 10 ( +0 )

Cha: 8 (-1)

Fort: 5

Ref: 11

Will: 5

Skills: Computer Use 11, Craft Droids 13, Hide 15, Knowledge Streetwise 12, Move Silently 15, Pilot 15, Repair 17, Spot 14, Treat Injury 6

Feats: Armor proficiency Light, medium, and powered, Gearhead, Heroic Surge, Point Blank Shot,Far Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Prof Blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons, simple weapons, and vibro weapons.

Class Features: Illicit Barter, Lucky, Precise Attack +1, Preferred weapon StarAnvil +1, Ranged sneak attack +1d6, Follow Target


Gavin Ragdos hails from the planet of Deet-Roit, commonly referred to as “The Plasteel Planet” due to its booming plasteel industry.
The planet is nominally under Imperial control, but the government has very little actual presence, and local crime is rampant.

Gavin was raised by his mother and father along with his older brother, Kalen. His father provided for the family by working as a mechanic at a local garage, fixing ships, speeders, and droids.

With very little educational opportunities, both boys were working at the garage with their father by the age of 14. While Gavin was on his way to becoming a passable mechanic, Kalen showed little natural aptitude and was eventually fired. Claiming to have found some work at a plasteel plant, he began bringing home more money than either Gavin or their father.
However, it soon became clear that Kalen was involved in something other than plasteel—he had fallen in with one of the many street gangs that thrived in the city.

Despite his family’s pleas, Kalen continued his life of crime until it was tragically cut short in an inter-gang conflict.

After his brother’s death, Gavin soon realized that Deet-Roit had nothing to offer him, and began looking for a way out. He became keenly interested in the Empire not only as a way off-planet, but as a way to improve the quality of life on Deet-Roit and other worlds. He began reading about the various programs the empire had set up on other worlds: economic reforms, COMPNOR educational and youth-related programs such as the Sub-Adult Group, etc. Convinced that the solution to the low quality of living and high crime and mortality rates throughout the galaxy was greater Imperial control, he soon began talking to recruiters and, after taking an aptitude test, was encouraged to apply for membership in the Stormtrooper Corps.

Gavin Ragdos

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