Allen Walter Devol


Tech Specialist 4/Soldier 1

DEX 13
CON 10
INT 18
CHA 10

Vit/Wounds 18/10
Defense 17 (FF14; touch 17)

Fort 3
Reflex 3
Will 1

Computer Use 14
Craft(Droid;computers;heavyweapons) 12
Demolitions 12
Disable Device 11
Repair 16 (8 ranks)
Knowledge(engineering) 12
Knowledge(chemistry) 11
Knowledge(bureaucracy) 12


I lived most of my life virtually trapped on Sulon where my parents ran a little known droid repair shop. Now that I think of it, it would have been nice to have the shop located in the city, you know, where the customers are. Unfortunately for me, we were situated where not even the glow from city lights reached. Once in awhile someone would come in I guess to commission my parents for a job or something; I never took much interest. Sometimes, mom and dad would start arguing after certain customers come in; always something about Loronar and how the Empire sucks. I don’t have any strong feelings for or against the Empire but they are the authority.

My early education was dominated by practical tasks: rebuilding droid chassis, debugging systems, etc. I never had a great interest in droids but nobody could say I didn’t have talent. When I was 8 years old, I salvaged an old droid brain in the junk heap and hooked it up to my data pad. Ralphie was my first real teacher and friend. Through Ralphie’s instruction, I built him a new physical body. At first it was just an isolated claw but eventually, I salvaged entire droids for him to control remotely. Finally, after exhausting most of the knowledge in Ralphie, I built him a makeshift communications array. Access to the Holonet was sparse but the minuscule amount of information gleaned was a goldmine of knowledge. I knew that there was nothing left for me here in the middle of nowhere.Of course my parents were against it but with creative use of Ralphie, I was able to “borrow” a landspeeder and some credits and made my way to the closest city and eventually, to Byblos.

After much begging, asskissing etc. I made my way into the university there. At first I was lost without my friend of 8 years but actual human contact lessened the pain. I met many interesting characters at the University of Byblos. Important people include my faculty mentor, Dr. Miller, a rather timid man but a brilliant genius when it came to high energy physics and Alice Kraus, friend, collegue and eternal rival.

After a fast 6 years at the University, I felt like I had learned everything I could. I had even worked on a few research projects and lead my own on swarm computing and modular droid design. With this new research, a complex droid brain wasn’t needed anymore. Instead, hundreds of smaller intelligences on the order of a datapad could be implanted into many parts covering a wide area. The combined network was a decentralized super-intelligence capable of complex problem solving. It didn’t receive much attention.

I applied to the Imperial Army R&D division. Alice was against it, her and her famous study on the use of piezoelectric crystals for tactile feedback. It was very useful I had to admit; improved dexterity, micrometer precision… We parted ways after that, Alice to get her doctorate and me to the Imperial Army where hopefully, I will gain some recognition.

Allen Walter Devol

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