Mathew Feldspar

A farm boy that became a stormtrooper to support his siblings and widowed mother.


Scout lvl 6


(Told From Mathews Perspective)

Ain’t nothin’ much to say about me. I’ve lived my entire life on pa’s farm with my ma, pa, and my younger brother Joseph who I call Joey. When I was young, whenever I wasn’t doing chores, I’d like to hunt, fish, and spend my days out in the woods around the farm. When I got older, pa taught me how to take care of the farm, and for a while I worked side by side with him out in the fields.

But one season we had a draught and nothin’ grew. That season hit us pretty bad. Next season was even worse. We nearly ran out of food and it looked like we’d probably have to sell the farm to get by. Pa didn’t want that to happen. He said he had an old friend from the war that he knew he could get some work from. So Pa went up to town and took a ship off into space. Four months later we received a message. Message said their was an accident in space and pa died in a explosion and they couldn’t recover his body. We were all were shaken up by the news.

We just barely made it through the next season with me and Joey doing the best we could to keep the farm running. But I knew we wouldn’t make it through another. So I went into town looking for some work.

As I was looking around town I found my way to the Empire’s stormtrooper recruitment building. Everyone in there was wearing really shiny white armor or a fancy military uniform. All over the walls were really inspiring posters about adventure and protecting the galaxy. I talked with one of the recruiters and he said that if I joined up I’d be shipped off to exotic worlds full of adventure. He said I’d get to wear that shiny armor. And, most importantly, I’d be generously paid to serve. In that moment I realized that my best chance to help the family was to sign up and use my salary to support my family.

I thought it was a great plan, but ma didn’t like it at all. She said I’d end up dead like pa out in space and she forbids me to do it. I respect my ma just as much as I respected pa, and I wouldn’t do nothin’ she tell me not to do. But I also love my ma and my family, and because of that I had to disobey my ma and join the empire. It was the best thing to do to protect my family. So I snuck out in the night and signed myself up to be a stormtrooper.

Mathew Feldspar

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