• Gavin Ragdos

    Gavin Ragdos

    My reach is global, my tower secure. My cause is noble, my power is pure.
  • Giff Nutonne

    Giff Nutonne

    Medical Technician Trooper. Show me where it hurts.
  • Leon Murphy

    Leon Murphy

    Leon is a backwater farmer determined to be something greater in the galaxy
  • Mathew Feldspar

    Mathew Feldspar

    A farm boy that became a stormtrooper to support his siblings and widowed mother.
  • RC-8301 "Razor"

    RC-8301 "Razor"

    An old clone commando, now a storm commando officer.
  • Anton Strayer

    Anton Strayer

    A young and ambitious soldier that lives for battle, thriving on the power of the Empire.
  • Ceesa


    A Gungan enamored with the stars, yet upholding the warrior traditions of his people.
  • Grasheel


    A free Wookie, calm in manner, but fierce in battle. He fights for others, and cares little for his own well being.
  • Joanna Keyes

    Joanna Keyes

    An attractive young woman, dedicated to service, and an able pilot.
  • Keon Allister

    Keon Allister

    A man on a mission. Where will his desire for power lead him?
  • MNK-01


    A strange droid with knowledge of the Sith.
  • Nahja Sulaan

    Nahja Sulaan

    An attractive young Zeltron woman, looking for her place in the galaxy.
  • Raine Kaimura

    Raine Kaimura

    "Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?"
  • Revy Starkiller

    Revy Starkiller

    An unbalanced woman who is quite talented in the use of blasters.
  • Ronald Gates

    Ronald Gates

    A quiet young man, troubled with hate. What destiny is in store for him?
  • Waldo


    A skilled hunter and outdoorsman, he is quiet but understanding.