Session 14

Welcome to Ro’Ton!

The Troopers were assigned to the world of Mon Gazza, to man the Imperial Garrison located in the town of Ro’Ton. The assignment comes as a shock to most, considering the great deeds achieved in their previous battles. The town is certainly backwater, made up mostly of small single unit homes with very little city development. The planet’s main source of income, pod racing, was outlawed by the Empire and since then the planet’s communities have fallen on hard times. The Troopers bid farewell to an academy friend, Cliff Hanger, who was relieved of his garrison duty by their arrival. Realizing the backwater nature of the post, several of the Troopers went about acquiring supplies for the upkeep of the garrison and the repair of the garrison’s droid, M-2PO. Within very little time a communique arrives announcing the arrival of one Rear Admiral Joseph Keyes in system. What could the Admiral want so soon after arriving at the post?



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