Session 12


The party, once again in the world on the other side of the portal, manages to find someone who understands Basic…or English as the natives called it. The welcome on this trip was not nearly as hostile as the last trip through a portal, but that would not make the trip safe as a whole. It was not long before a familiar, albeit altered, acquaintance arrived: RJ. RJ disclosed that he had survived the zombies, through the exercise of some power, but did not elaborate on details. He also indicated that he was known as Creed now, though no reason for this was given either. He said he could get the party taken care of among the natives, as long as they would cooperate some. He was also interested in watching over the Jedi prisoner the party had. The prisoner in question, was left in his care, until morning when she was reclaimed by Leon Murphy, not without signs of some sort of torture. The next morning, as agreed upon, the party was guarding a post when war seemingly erupted out of the hazy, rain-filled morning. After the fierce battle, the party made its way off the beach, away from battle, and right in to a newly formed portal. This portal was seemingly created however by the group of ‘rebels’ which had been on Ralltiir. Where are they now? What is going on, and how will the groups react to each other?



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