Off the Books

Leon's Journal

The mission to Dantooine was a success. The objective was to determine whether or not Joanna was being held by Rebel forces, and if so execute an extraction. As it turns out Joanna was not being held by the enemies at that location. We decimated what was left of the remaining forces that were evacuating the base and copied their database systems.

It seems as well that I am in conflict with a single Imperial regulation, the taking of prisoners. I can see how the taking of prisoners is important to the gathering of information, but at the same time there is a time and place for such things. Working a black op mission is not the time to take prisoners. I do hope that the others realize this so that we don’t have to deal with another situation like that again. However, reflecting on that I need to work more on my skills of leadership and not let things unfold on their own. Especially when I have the ability to control how a situation unfolds.

Aside from that single incident the mission was incredibly smooth. My squad is meant for black op missions. With my tactical knowledge and the wide range of skills possessed by the members of the unit we are prepared for just about every situation. And when a situation goes bad, we have Giff to extend our combat capabilities for the success of the mission. In all I believe this squad will be able to serve the Empire well, even if they do not appreciate our accomplishments. I wonder if the Admiral will be able to do what he says…



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