Melting the Ice

Ysanne Isard’s shuttle has left the planet. The Troopers decided to make the most of their situation, and prepare for other possibilities. Razor decides to ensure security around the garrison, and immediately begins searching for any evidence that Isard has already setup surveillance, and runs an errand in town. Allen decides that he should take this time to establish some serious computer protocols and encryptions so that the Troopers have secure communications if they are to be spied upon. Allen also becomes curious about what is going on with the Darktrooper project. Gavin decides to check on the various people in the garrison, especially to ensure that plague victims are being cured. To that end, Giff and Alyssa have been working hard to synthesize the cure that Razor obtained from Isard’s encampment. Due to Alyssa’s work with the virus, her ward, a young girl named Autumn started to wander the garrison, spotted by Gavin, but ultimately she ends up in Allen’s lab where she displayed strange power over mechanical and electrical devices. She may have even prevented Allen’s snooping from being compromised as he activated a well hidden embedded security protocol in the file he had decrypted. Gavin meanwhile noticing something out of place begins searching for answers, when Leon joins him. Leon discovers that Autumn is responsible, and it seems likely that she has force powers. Meanwhile Gavin begins to hear a voice, a voice which wants to meet with him locally. He agrees to arrange a meeting, on his own terms. The voice seems to want Gavin to obtain the powers that Creed obtained…but to what end? Meanwhile Gavin, Leon, and Allen decide on what to do with the young girl, torn between Imperial orders and their own morals or desires, the debate drags on. The former droid of Creed, MNK-01 weighs in on the situation by providing what information he had on the Empire and force users. It is finally agreed upon that the girl will be allowed to leave the planet…will she be able to leave peacefully? What is Razor’s next move? What does the meeting later that night hold for Gavin and the rest of the Troopers? Answers to all this and more, next time on Troopers!



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