Day of Days, a Standoff Against Fate

Leon's Journal

I was assigned to the Star Destroyer Devastator and then to a desert world known as Sriluur. The planet has for sometime been in a civil war, and the Empire has now moved in to take control of the planet and end the civil war. The government of the world did not resist the intervention of the Empire, but from what I have bee told, some citizens are against the Imperial influence. Why someone would be against an end to years of civil war on their world is beyond me.

My squad was being held in reserve and not much was happening. Arriving at the distress call our transport was blown up. Luckily my self and the rest of the squad was able get out without any major injuries. It had been an ambush. The rebel citizens were quickly dealt with and we were able to secure several troopers that remained.

It was at this point that we could not have foreseen what was to happen. Private Allister lost his mind and attacked Sergeant Armstrong. I attempted to render him unconscious, but it was to no avail. He was whisked away quickly by some woman with scars on her body. I had no idea what was going on and I had too many other things to worry about too. I mean there was two armies moving on our position in a pincer maneuver. When I do find him, it will not be pretty. I have no remorse for those who betray.

Armstrong had already called in for reinforcements having managed to get the radio operational. With all the damaged shit around, I kinda wished Rossq was still around. An Imperial Army unit, some kind of special operations unit, was the first to arrive on seen. When Armstrong told me a spec ops unit was on its way, I never would have expected it to be a damn mechanic (forever doomed to be called “Army”) and a droid. Either way I couldn’t complain. We needed as much as we could to hold down our position. We had 4 troopers unable to move and the rest of us were starting to get exhausted from the constant fighting and desert heat.

The first army to engage us was the western army. Luckily for us they did not split into to forces and come at us from the north of the oasis and the south of the oasis. They would have easily surrounded and overwhelmed us. We engaged that force and sent them running with their tails between their legs. The northeastern army was a different animal.

No matter how many of them we killed they just kept coming. We ended up killing every last rebel from that assault force. It was a blood bath. Private Nutoone was severely wounded during the engagement with the first army. Being the badasses we are, we were able to hold our position. By the end of that assault I was severely wounded, Sarge was down, and I think every man in the unit had been hit.

For a brief second we thought we were safe and could wait easily for reinforcements and medivac. I was wrong. A third kamikaze army came charging at us from the south. Low on anti-personnel weapons we held off until they were right on top of us. We could see the whites of their eyes as we set off our last two thermal detonators and grenades. That last charge by the enemy left us in critical condition. Feldspar and Nutonne suffered critical injuries and I could barely stand. We are Stormtroopers, the elite of the elite. I truly understand the meaning of that now. And I will strive to ascertain that title for myself and my unit.



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