Things here on Mon Gazza have become more complicated of late. A lot has happened since the rescue of Nahja and Joanna.

After our return to the garrison, Gavin and Anton fell ill. At first Giff thought it was nothing more than the flu. It turned out to be a very dangerous virus unknown virus. After a short time the virus began to cause extensive internal bleeding forcing Giff to have to rotate his three patients in and out of the bacta tank in an attempt to slow down the organ deterioration.

The only link we could think of between Anton, Gavin and the civilian junk dealer, Elina were bandits. Each had been in close combat with a group of bandits that according to the local populace had made trade with the neighboring town Fyrestone nearly impossible. In an attempt to get Giff more aid we went to enlist the aid of Doctor Alyssa Ceylon. Doctor Ceylon, however had left for Fyrestone after hearing about a disease in the town. Linking these bits of information it was decided that Fryestone was the source of the virus and perhaps the key to saving the lives of Anton and Ragdos.

We managed to force our way through the bandit “quarantine”. Finding Doctor Ceylon was my first priority for my team. We easily mananaged to find the doctor after entering the town. She was having issues determining what the virus was and how to treat it as well. What was managed to be pieced together is that the virus put a mental stress on its host that in some cases would case them to violently lash out.

We were closer to determining what exactly was going on. I decided that it was time to assault the main bandit camp. That camp was not what I or anyone expected. It was a covert Imperial research program under the direct command of Ysanne Isard.

Knowing it was an Imperial force I authorized an assault to allow Lieutenant Razor the opportunity to infiltrate the camp. (I am a loyalist to the Empire!) The small force was much more heavily armed than what I anticipated. Madame Director Isard had cloaked Delta class assault shuttles. With the surprise of the shuttles I ceased fire and surrendered.

I managed to persuade Isard that we thought this was only a bandit camp, and that we were here to capture and question the bandit leader about the nature of the virus. When questioned by Isard I answered that three of my troops were infected by the virus, Ragdos, Anton, and Devol who had just started showing symptoms.

Isard gave me the cure for my team, and questioned whether any civilians had come down with the virus as well. I answered that only my team had somehow become infected. I think she believed me. Before moving her research team out, she ordered that 2nd squad was being brought under her command and watchful eye.

After recovering her team, she ordered the destruction of Fyrestone and the camp. The Empire was never there.



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