Sessions 20, 21, and 22


First it was Ragdos. Before too long half the squad had been infected, plus a local townsperson, Elina Peri. It was believed to just be a bad cold, until it wouldn’t go away. Nutonne tried to find out what was wrong, but couldn’t figure out what it was that was causing the illness. The situation didn’t become urgent until Strayer started to cough up blood…a lot of blood, and was confined to a bacta tank to slow down the rate of organ death he was suddenly stricken with. After much debate, information gathering, and what little research they could conduct, the Troopers decided to head to a neighboring settlement which seemed to have come down with the disease on a much grander scale. A quarantine inadvertently reinforced by the bandits which now surrounded the city had essentially shut down the city. The only doctor in the area, Alyssa Ceylon struggled to find a cure. Her efforts, and the efforts of the Troopers were hampered not only by the mysterious nature of the illness itself, but that it seemed to exert some mental stress or perhaps control over the infected. Events of sabotage and violence would occur, seemingly at random, but connections were starting to appear.

The Troopers decided to find the main bandit camp, for they had heard that the bandits themselves had not been infected, and that the bandits themselves were the only biological connection between the two settlements. At the bandit camp the Troopers discovered something…unexpected, as the Director of Imperial Intelligence, Ysanne Isard herself was at the camp with a science team and stormtrooper guards. The Troopers tried to make a diversion so that their commando observer, Razor, could make an escape from the camp with his discoveries, but Isard had more reinforcements than anticipated, including Delta class assault shuttles equipped with cloaking devices. So the Troopers were force to admit their mistake, and were summarily reorganized in to Isard’s unit, under Isard’s command. What will happen now…



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